Corn and Vegetable Pulav:

Preparation Time : 20 Min.
Cooking TIME : 40 min.
Serving : 6 servings/people. (A moderately spiced pullav)


Method of Preparation: 

  1. Boil the rice. Each grain of the cooked rice should be separate. 
  2. Deep fry the cashewnuts in ghee to a golden color and keep aside. 
  3. Deep fry the sliced onions in ghee until golden brown. 
  4. Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee in a vessel and fry the chopped onion for a little time. 
  5. Add the bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves and fry again 
  6. Add the paste and fry again. 
  7. Add the rice, corn, vegetables, half of the fried onions and salt. 
  8. Mix well and cook for a few minutes. * Serve hot garnished with the chopped coriander, fried cashewnuts and the remaining fried onions.